Can A Gas Catalytic Dryer Be Added To My Paint Booth?

Posted by Gascat Dryers on Oct 22, 2018 6:53:00 PM
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Here in the U.S., most auto-body shops are familiar with convection and electric infrared drying. It’s simple and has worked well for decades. However, the reconditioning industry is always evolving. And relying on out-of-date methods will leave you in the dust compared to the competition.

Shop owners know that the paint booth is probably the biggest constraint to production– mostly due to bake cycle times and drying times. Both electric infrared and convection drying take upwards of 100 minutes and beyond that, the two processes typically keep cars in for at least a day. However, gas catalytic drying has grown in popularity over in Europe as it can break that 90 – 100 minute process down to just 16 – 30 minutes.

However, as a shop owner, you may be nervous about buying into one of those “revolutionary ideas.” Cautious skepticism is a good way to go about your business. But, Gas Catalytic is the future of paint booth drying systems– and it doesn’t hurt that it can be installed into most existing paint booths.

Can A Gas Catalytic Dryer Be Added To My Paint Booth?

The short answer is, yes. A Gas Catalytic Dryer can be retrofitted into most auto-body shops’ existing paint booths.

And while that’s great and awesome, it’s important to know how it works and is set up before you can say “yes.” So, here’s the technical stuff: Basically, the gas catalytic dryers come in three different models– The E5 Plus, E6 Plus, and the E7.

The E5 and E6 are automated dryers in the shape of a “tunnel gateway”– kind of like an arched entrance. The E7 is much smaller and can be mounted on a track. It’s design, more-or-less, is for targeting specific areas for drying. In essence, the three separate models have a lot of flexibility and can fit most booths.

How Gas Catalytic Dryers Fit Into Existing Paint Booths

A Gascat Dryer is mounted on two fixed rails on opposing sides of the booth. You can mount the rails to most booths. But in the rare case that the booth walls won’t support the weight, we can supply posts for mounting to the ground.

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