Gas Catalytic Drying Vs. Electric Infrared Drying

Posted by Gascat Dryers on Feb 22, 2019 4:36:45 PM
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Gas Catalytic Drying Vs. Electric Infrared Drying

In 2019, you’ll see plenty of debates on whether gas catalytic or electric infrared is the best way to dry paint in your booth. And for the most part, the industry is pushing for energy-saving options that also decrease cycle time and increase throughput. So, which is better? Gas Catalytic or Electric Infrared?

How Do They Work And What’s The Difference?

Both technologies create heat in the form of infrared energy (IR). The energy produces wavelengths– varying from a long, medium, and short. However, the difference between the two depends on these wavelengths. Electric Infrared systems rely on tungsten bulbs to produce a short wavelength of IR. In comparison, gas catalytic systems create a flame-less heat at a medium wavelength.

When it comes to electric infrared drying, the short wavelength passes directly through the paint and into the metal beneath. This means the metal is heated before the paint is cured– causing it to dry from the inside out. Because of this, the electric infrared process– with priming, water-based applications, water-based drying, and clear coat drying can take anywhere from 65 to 90 minutes to dry (and must be activated multiple times a day– increasing the demand charges on your electric bill).

On the flip side, gas catalytic drying uses propane, methane, or a propane/butane mix to produce medium wavelengths. The gas is funneled through the machine and interacts with a catalyst on the inside to produce a “flame-less burning.” By doing so, it sends the heat out across the vehicle and heats the paint equally– all while avoiding heating the metal beneath. Beyond that, the entire process takes roughly 16 to 30 minutes in total. Beyond that, it produces a flatter finish, fewer flaws, and only needs to be activated once a day– drastically reducing your electric bill.

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