Gascat Dryers vs Symach

Posted by Gascat Dryers on Dec 27, 2018 1:37:48 PM
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Gascat Dryers vs Symach

In previous blogs, we looked at how gas catalytic drying worked, but also who the top manufacturers are. Gas catalytic drying has been around for close to twenty years over in Europe; however, it’s only recently begun to make its way over into the US. It isn’t necessarily new, but it’s a new technology for the US body shop industry, and because of that, there’s been a bit of reluctance towards making the upgrade to gas catalytic drying. Nonetheless, some of the biggest shops have made the transition and they’re saving on time and money in the process.

Gas catalytic drying was first invented in Italy back in 2001, and since then, tons of variants have been released. There are hand-held versions, full-arches, half-arches, and a ton of sizes, too. Regardless of the model, each one can cure and dry paint in a matter of 16 – 30 minutes during the entirety of the paint booth bake cycle. Beyond that, gas catalytic drying creates a flame-less burning by using methane, propane, or a propane/butane mix to power a catalyst. Once the catalyst is activated, it blows out heat at a medium wavelength that can heat each layer of paint equally– creating a high quality finish with much fewer flaws than the competition.

However, even with all of the perks of gas catalytic drying, most US shops still haven’t made the transition. Again, it’s a technology with a proven track record with our neighbors to the east, but many shops here are a little skeptical about making the change. Even if your shop is running “well enough,” there’s always room to improve efficiency, reduce cycle time, and increase throughput. Gas catalytic drying can do that.

Below, we created a comparison between Symach and Gascat Dryers.

Gascat Dryers

Within the US, Gascat Dryers are the most established distributor for gas catalytic dryers. Outside of that, Gascat Dryers machines utilize natural gas to make a flame-less exothermic reaction that produces heat with medium-length infrared energy. While the wavelength may not seem that important, a medium one can actually reduce a 100 minute process down to 16 – 30 minutes. Beyond that, it can also save you up to $1,500 worth of natural gas per month.

Since Gascat Dryers began distributing within the US, the equipment has gone through a variety of changes and upgrades. There are cable carrier systems, pyro-meters, collision sensors, and hoses that come with. However, the benefit of Gascat Dryers are that their machines have very few moving parts and can be installed into virtually any existing booth without much effort. Plus, because Gascat Dryers are domestic, you can get any new systems, repairs, or parts very easily.


To give credit where credit is due, Symach is the creator of gas catalytic drying. However, even so, they’re the most expensive option of all the manufacturers– especially if you’re in the US. With Symach, you can’t simply buy a dryer like you would with other distributors. Everything comes in an all-inclusive-package that requires months of planning, preparing, and blueprinting within your shop for installation and renovations.

So, while have a full-rework of your shop’s layout and operations isn’t a bad idea, it can be pretty expensive if all you want is the dryer. Beyond that, training can take up to several weeks, parts have to be shipped in out-of-country and you can’t simply just buy a dryer from Symach.

GasCat Dryers

Gascat Dryers offer you the greatest, quickest, and most effective drying solutions available on the market. We believe time is money. With this advanced drying system, your business will reliably process more vehicles each and every day.

Let us help you save time and streamline your paint booth drying processes. Contact us, today!

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