GasCat vs. Global Finishing Solutions (REVO)

Posted by Gascat Dryers on Jan 11, 2019 2:00:02 PM
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GasCat vs. Global Finishing Solutions (REVO)

In a previous blog, we looked at Gascat Dryers vs. Symach. However, this week we’ll look at how Gascat Dryers stack up against Global Finishing Solutions. As we’ve discussed before, gas catalytic drying has been around for close to twenty years now. Even so, it only started making its way over into the US a couple of years ago. Over in Europe, it’s a “tried-and-true” technology that a majority of body shops have implemented into their operations. In the US, there is still a bit of reluctance when it comes to change in body shop operations.

Originally, gas catalytic drying was invented by a company over in Italy by the name of Symach. However, since its conception, there have been many improvements– resulting in a variety of models that range from handheld, full arches, and half arches. Regardless of the model size or type, gas catalytic drying can and dry and cure paint in 16–30 minutes during the entire paint booth bake cycle.

The way gas catalytic drying does this is by creating a flame-less burning through the use of propane, methane, or a propane / butane mix. The natural gas reacts with a catalyst inside of the machine and creates heat through a medium wavelength that can heat all of the paint layers evenly. This results in a flatter finish with fewer flaws.

However, even with the benefits of gas catalytic drying, many shops are making the transition pretty slowly– despite the most successful shops already implementing it into their operations. Gas catalytic dryers can reduce your cycle time, increase your throughput, and improve your shop’s overall efficiency.

Below, we have a comparison between Gascat Dryers and Global Finishing Solutions

Gascat Dryers

To put it simply, Gascat Dryers are the most established gas catalytic dryer distributor in the United States. Beyond that, Gascat Dryer machines use natural gas and a catalyst to create a flame-less reaction. The reaction produces a medium-infrared-wavelength that can heat paint evenly throughout. While the wavelength may not seem all that important to you at first, it essentially means that a 100 minute process can be cut down to 16–30 minutes. Not only are you saving massively on time, but many shops have reported saving up to $1,500 on natural gas per month after making the switch.

Over the years, Gascat’s equipment has gone through many improvements and changes. The dryers come up pyro-meters, collision sensors, hoses, and cable carrier systems. However, Gascat Dryer machines also have few moving parts during operation. This means they don’t break very easily, but are also simple to repair if a problem were to arise. Gascat dryers come in a variety of models and sizes and can be installed into virtually any paint booth. Beyond that, Gascat Dryers distribute the dryers domestically within the US– making it easy to acquire new systems, repairs, and new parts.

Global Finishing Solutions

When it comes to Global Finishing Solutions and how they compare to Gascat Dryers, it’s important to know they use electric infrared drying. Electric infrared dryers produces a short-infrared-wavelength to dry the paint. However, because it is shorter, the heat passes through the paint and penetrates the underlying metal– heating the panel before the paint.

Over at Global Finishing Solutions, they use tungsten bulbs to produce this short-infrared-wavelength. Beyond that, GFS offers handheld and full-size options for paint booths. They regularly update their software for the machines, but because they’re electric infrared, there are a few pitfalls. If you didn’t already know by reading through this article, wavelength directly impacts the speed and quality of drying. So, while electric infrared drying works, it will take much longer than gas catalytic drying. Because electric infrared dryers produce a short wavelength that passes through all of the layers and into the metal, it can allow for more flaws and a less than ideal finish.

Gascat Dryers

Gascat Dryers provide you the best, fastest, and most efficient drying solutions out on the market. We believe that time is money. With this advanced drying system, your body shop will reliably process more vehicles each and every day.

Let us help you save time and streamline your paint booth drying processes. Contact us today!

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